We are your doctors, nurses, health care practitioners, providers, and professionals. We have worked tirelessly throughout this crisis to help keep you safe. We’ve seen COVID-19 illnesses and deaths firsthand. And right now we need your help.

COVID-19 is surging throughout New Mexico. Infections are growing faster than ever before. The public health data are clear: The pandemic and the grave risk posed to our state’s public health have never been more dangerous than right now.

We know what happens when COVID-19 infections continue to spread at this rate. Hospitals will begin to fill up—indeed, our state’s health care system is already experiencing strain. More New Mexicans will lose their lives. More families will lose loved ones. And because of the terribly infectious nature of this virus, those New Mexicans who lose their lives, and those New Mexicans who lose a loved one, will not get to say goodbye. These will be lonely deaths. And they are preventable.

Even those who are fortunate enough to recover from the illness caused by the novel coronavirus can face significant and debilitating long-term adverse health effects. No one is immune from the consequences of this public health emergency. This is serious. This is life-and-death.

This is the greatest emergency the state of New Mexico has ever faced. But we can absolutely beat back the virus and crush its opportunities to spread. We all have a role to play to protect New Mexicans.

Please stay home as much as you can. Limit your travel outside the home.
If you must go out, please wear a face mask. Make sure it covers your nose and mouth.
Please avoid gatherings with other people, especially those you don’t live with.
Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently with soap and water.

And we encourage everyone to continue to seek medical care when needed. Medical facilities have very strict COVID-Safe Practices and the benefits of getting medical care outweigh any risks.

Please make the commitment to protect yourselves, your families, and your communities. Please be cautious and smart. Please help health care professionals help you. Help us protect you. Help us ensure that we have the resources to treat the sick and care for the dying.

Together, we can keep New Mexicans healthy and safe.

Medical Professionals have signed the open letter

Nanette S Nuessle, MD
Andrew Ropp, MD
Alison Sawyer, MD
Patricia McCulloch, PA-C
Rafal Proban, MD
Amy G Williams, MD
Liana Ponce, MD
Leslie Hayes, MD
Ross E. Bridge, MD
Angela R. Bratton, MD
Patrick J. Samora , MD
Julie R. Martinez, MD
Robert J. Kossmann, MD, FACP, FASN
George Greer, MD
Tze Yong, MD
Nancy Wright, MD
Robin M Edward, MD
Michelle Carr, MD
Tudor Ocneanu, MD
Mark Zolnick, MD
Janis Gonzales, MD, MPH, FAAP
Patrick G Quinn, MD
Ted Albright, MD
Luis Constantin, MD
Thomas Longley, MD
Randall Correia, MD, ScM
William Leeson, MD
Martha L. Morgan, MD
Leonora Lopez, MD
Bruce Gollub, MD
Dechen Tsewang, MD
John J White, MD
Lucas Schreiber, MD
Kevin Lopez, MD
Antje Postl FNP
Randal Brown, MD
Aileen Romero, DNP- FNP-BC
Stephen P. Lucero, MD
Alana Benjamin, MD
Tim Quigley Peterson, MD
Lesa Fraker, MD
Phillip A. Hertzman, MD
Karen Van de Velde-Kossmann, MD
Kathryn Keith, MD
Marvin J Godner, MD, FAAP
Alemayehu G. Biffa, MD
Andrea DeMeter, MD
Bridget N. Fahy, MD FACS
Carolyn M. Waldo, MD
Catherine G. Hawthorne, MD
Christopher Hoover, MD
David Durham, MD
Yoania Quintana Garcia, MD
Holly Abernethy, MD
Isabel Lopez-Colberg , MD, Ph.D
J Dayton Voorhees, MD
Jeremy Durling, MD
Jorge Requena-Penenori, MD
Lance Chilton, MD
Lawrence Andrade, MD
Leslie Hayes, MD
Luis Constantin, MD
Naomi Kistin, MD, MPH
Nicolette McDermott-Ketchum, PA-C
Rachel B. Cain, MD
Rebecca Bak , MD
Rick Madden, MD
Roberto Gomez, MD
Susan A. Seedman, MD
Teresa K.E. Smith de Cherif, MD
Warner Anderson, MD FACP
Alexandra Cvijanovich, MD
Amanda Story, MD
Amy Garcia, MD
Andrea Sandoval, MD
Andrew Clarkinson, DO
Angela Sanchez, MD
Anna Lake MD
Anthony M Savo, MD
Asit Bhatt, MD, FACOG.
Barbara J Bath, MD
Barbara McGuire MD, FACP, MMM
Ben Daitz, MD, Prof. F&CM
Bert Umland, MD
Brian Solan MD MPH
Bridget Lynch, MD, MPH
Caitlyn Brown FNP
Camila Jaramillo MD
Carl Tapia, MD, MPH, FAAP
Carmen R Rodriguez, MD
Carol Red, MD
Carolyn Marie Castillo MD
Crystal Lewis-Hicks, NP
Daniel Conrad, MD
Darren Shafer, DO
Darshan N. Patel, MD
David Scrase, MD
David Tempest , MD
David W. Stryker MD
Debra Narcisse, NP
Dennis J Garcia MD
Dennis Price, MD
Don Pearsall MD
Donald Clark MD MPH
Douglas Binder, M.D.
Brenden Cavanaugh, MD
Emily Christina Deaton, MD
Faisal Zaeem, MD
Geoff Kunz, MD
Karen Sopko, MD
Maithili Shenoy, MD
Mark Bieniarz, MD
Munif Alkouz, MD
Ray Yau, MD
Christine Boehringer, MD
Jeff Mazer, MD
Mel Peralta, MD
Sean Mazer, MD
Vesta Sandoval, MD
Eileen Barrett, MD, MPH
Elaine Thomas, MD
Elena Bissell, MD
F. Sevy Gurule, MD
Faisal Zaeem, MD
Felisha Rohan-Minjares, MD
Francesco Standoli, MD
Fred McMillan MD
G Theodore Davis, MD
Gabriella Good, MD
Geoffrey D. Steffens, MSN, FNP-BC
Gwenn Robinson, MD
H. David Arredondo, MD
Halea Meese, MD
Heather Brislen, MD
Heather Salazar FNP
Heyoung McBride, MD, MS
J. Randle Adair, DO, PhD
Jane Alison Hanson, MD
Jayce Powell NP
Jeffrey Ross, MD
Jeremy Gleeson, MD
Jerome Yatskowitz, MD
Jessica Favis, MD
Jessica Nguyen Binder, MD
Joel Teicher, MD
John Teahan, MD
Jorge Sedas, MD
Joshua Santos, MD
Julie S. Broyles, MD
Karen Spielbusch MSN, CFNP
Katherine Abernathy-Carver MD
Kelly Ray MPAS,PA-C
Kenneth Downes, MD
Lara Barkoff, MD.PC.
Laura McDermott, MSN, CNP
Laura Wells FNP-c, MSN
Linda Romero, MD
Lisa Jimenez, MD
Liz Lawrence, MD, FACP
Lorian Kostranchuk MD
Marjan Hovaida, MD
Mark Anderson, MD
Mark Chiu, MD
Mark Epstein, MD
Mary Jane Gallahan PA-C, PhD
Mary M. Ramos, MD, MPH
MaryJo Zunic, PharmD, MHA, PhC
Meghan Brett, MD
Melissa Moore, MS
Michael Harding, MD
Michael J. Blea, MD
Michel Boivin, MD
Michelle Pent, MD
Michelle Valentine, DO
Nancy Guinn, MD
Pat Heinz, CNM
Paul A Sanchez, MD
Paul Afek, MD

Peggy Spencer, MD
Rachael Cunnick PA-C
Ricardo Ortega MD, LLC
Richard N. Castillo
Roger Felix, MD
Roger Gildersleeve, MD
Rosalind Epstein, MD
Sally L. Harris, MD FAAN
Samara Knight, MD, MPH
Sandra Gutierrez, DNP
Scott A. Stoerner, MD
Sean Rivera, MD
Shamarie Sais, MD PC
Shawn Fronterhouse, PA-C
Steve Jenkusky, MD
Sunil Pai, MD
Susan Lewis, MD
Sylvia Crago, MD
Theresa Heynekamp, MD
Thomas Wright, MD
Timothy Ownbey, DO
Todd Goldblum, MD
Todd LeCesne MPAS, MBA, PA-C
Tomy Y. Perez, MD
Torre Near, MD
U.G. Hodgin Jr MD, MACP
Valerie Carrejo, MD FAAFP
Vanessa Jacobsohn, MD
Vidya Subramanian, MD
Viral Gandhi, MD
Whitney Steinmetz, FNP
Will Kaufman, MD
William Abbott, MD
William Berlin
William G.Henderson, MD
William Willis, MD, Retired
Yeni Yim, CNM
Yolanda Tso, MD
Karen Carson, MD FAAP
William G. Liakos Jr, MD FAAP
Trina Donohew, PA-C
Chris Robinson, MD
Johnny C. Moreno, MD
Thomas Pannke , MD
Reynaldo R. Martinez, MD
Reagan R. Dunnahoo, ATC/L, PA-C
Kyong Ko, MD
David M Hochhauser, MD FAAP
Cynthia Settles, MD, FAA, Pediatrics
Brian Etheridge, MD, FAAP
Fred Fox, MD
K Burke, MD
Deborah Thorne DMSc, MPAS, PA-C
Clinton Woosley, MD
Cristianna Garcia, DNP, CPNP
Gretchen Struemph, MD
Kirsten Guerra CPNP-PC
Kristina Navarro, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
Randy Boyer PA-C
Dr. Sundeep Mummaneni D.O.
Adrian Larson, Chief Operating Officer
Angela Terry, RN BSN
Anna Horning – CPC, CEMC
Annette Vargas, Materials Mgmt Tech
Antionette Romero, CMA
Araceli Hernandez, Mammography Techno II
Ben Woods
Blanca Morales-Pena, M.A., CCC-SLP
Branda “Brandi” Newtson
Carolina Aviles, NMSU Nursing Student
Cecilia Pinon, NMSU Nursing Student
Christie Olivas, Unit Secretary
Cindy Montgomery, NP
Cindy Worthing, RN
Crystal Archuleta (Navarrette) Practice Manager
Dan Pattarozzi, RRT, MPH
DeAnna Montoya
Deanna Rando, RN
Denise A. Hernandez
Donald Harlow
Donella Kingsbury RN
Edward R. Sweetser, MD
Elizabeth (Beth) Mendoza, R.T. (R)
Erin Martin, RN, Chief Quality Officer
Ernie Garcia, Clinic Manager
Evelyn Marquez
Gary Donson
Genevieve Wathers, CAN
Gwen Burns, RN
Harry Bass, MD
James Lin, MD, CDIP, CCS, CRCR
Jared Cooke, DO
Jason Browning, RN
Jay Little
Jennifer E. Burk, RN, BSN, CEN
Jennifer Jimenez
John Reynolds, MD
Karen S. Dawson, BSN, RN, CPHQ
Karen Van Harten, RN BSN
Kendall Larsen, RN MSN
Kristin Montoya, BSN, RN, CCM
Kristina Navarro, Nurse Practitioner
Laura L. Hernandez, NCMA
Leigh G. Cooper, MS, RN , Quality Coordinator
Lisa Kulkarni, RN
Lisa Martinez, Central Scheduler
Maria “Terri” Brashear
Mark Copeland, Director of Physician Outreach
Melissa Foster, Admissions
Melissa Surlea, CRCR, CPAS
Mia Saenz DNP
Michael O’Larey, Athletic Trainer
Michael O’Connell FNP
Mona Calzado, RN
Natasha Devlesta, MD
Nikia Wright, RN
Priscilla Loya, RN
Rachel Martinez, Patient Care Coord.
Ramon Sierra, RN BSN
Randy Boyer, Physician Asst.,
Renae L. Trapp
Rene Dominguez , Accountant Sr
Robert Reel Dir Practice Mgmt
Robin Bilbro, Medical Staff Coordinator
Roi Campbell
Sheila Smith, RN
Shimon A. Thomas, CPNP
Susan Kutz, RN
Tanya Martinez, C-TAGME
Tianna Maestas, RN
Vitaly Piluiko, MD, FACS, FACCP,
Yasmine Estrada, RN
Yolanda Alcala
William Seiffert, MD
J. Alan MacFarlane, MD
Geronimo Mendoza, MD FAAP
William H. Reid, MD, MPH
Meredith Moss, PA-C
Brian Robinson, MD
Robert Nichols, MD
Dolores Gomez, MD
Robert Kolosseus, MD
Jorge Sainz, MD
Deepak Yadav, MD
Fernando Indacochea, MD
Heather Owen, MD
Michael Lara, MD
Melissa Cometti, CNP
Usha Phillips, MD
Angela Frieitze, CRNA
Colin Berry, MD
Davena Norris, PharmD
Gracie Ordorica, CNP
Rolando Cadena, DPM
Stephanie Benson, MD
Edna Juarez, MD
Danielle Fitzsimmons-Pattison, MD
Rob Shoots, MD
Kerry Atkinson, CNP
John Andazola, MD
Prasad Podila, MD
Christopher Morriss, MD
Rhonda Jagow, CNP
Victoria Grasso, DO
Jenifer Lichtenfels, MD
Robert Lopez, MD
Axel Luna-Zagler, MD
Nick Vaughn, CNP
Steven Marks, MD
Jeanne Stagner, CNM
Joy Trigo, DDS
Yvonne Moujieje, DPM
Sharon Going, CNP
Jean-Pierre Reinhold, MD
Darcy Bains, MD
Jonathan Owens, MD
Patrick Leung, PharmD
Obiefuna Okoli, MD
Trinity Abernathy, RN
Janet Abernathy, Registered Nurse

Javier Aceves, MD
Javier Aceves , MD
Nuzhat Ali, MSN, RN
Jimmy F. Andazola, PA-C
Jeremy Arguello, RN, BSN
Caitlin Armijo, MD (Medical Doctor)
April Armijo, Infection Prevention RN
Kim Atencio-Valentine, RN
Susan Barrett, CNP
Miriam Bennett, RN
Stephanie Benson , MD
Christina Bernal , RN-BSN
Claire Bettler , CNM
Rachel Bevan, RN
Dee Billops, Clinical Nurse Specialist
Daubney Boland, Psychologist
William Brady, MD, MSc, Physician
Sonia Briceno , RRT
Dana Brown , Physician Assistant
Nancy Burkey, Physician
Sussan Burton, RN
Suzanne Canfield, Registered Nurse
Tracy Carlson, MD
Tracey Cashman, RN, MSN, MBA, NE-BC, NEA-BC, ACHE
Kathleen Cathey, DNP, C-FNP
Karen Chester, Inpatient and Outpatient CPhT
Reinette Chimoni, RN-BSN
Lara Clement, RN
Tracy Coleman, RN
Anita Corrales, Registered Nurse
David J Corwell, RN, BSN
Courtney Cuellar, Pharmacy technician
Paul Daly, MD
April Davis, RN BSN CWON
Jan Dawson, Medical Laboratory Sciences
Deztine De La Rosa, FNP
Deztine De La Rosa, FNP-C, Family Nurse Practitioner
Casey De Leon, RN
Ilango Dharmarajan, CNP
Stacey Dimitt, MD
Gloria Doherty, ACNP-BC
Charlotte DuBoos, CNP ACNP-AG BC
Elizabeth Dyer, CRNA
Shannon Dyke, Pharmacist
Isabelle E Jarrott, Private
Carolyn Earnest, Nursing
Sylvia Ellington, PA-C
Maggie English , Pediatric Hospitalist
Jane Epstein, NP
Enshurah Ewalt, BSN-RN
Joanna Fair, MD, PhD
Trisha Fleet , Physician
Anthony Fleg, Physician
Annmarie Foley, Nurse Practioner
Denai Forrest, DNP, CNP, PMHNP-BC
Myra Francisco, RN
Carla Franco, FNP-BC
Sara Friedman, MD
Renee Fuemmeler, optometry
Tammy Furdon , Nursing
Pablo Garcia, RN
Madhavi Garimella, Physician
Amber Gifford, BSN RN CCRN
Helen Goldberg , MD
Kate Goldblum, Nurse Practitioner
Dolores Gomez , MD
Ashley Gonzales, RN, BSN, MJ
Donna Goodhue, RN
Elizabeth Guadiana , RN
Sarah Gude, Physician (DO)
Amit Gupta, Physician
Elisa Gutierrez , Physician
Kathleen Hales, MD
Frederick Heitman, EDRN
Lisa Hofler, MD, MPH, MBA
Anita Holtz, MD
Andrew Hsi, MD
Jack In tha box, MD
Marla Jim, MPH, BSN, RN, WCC
Sarah Jimenez, LPN
Joanne Keane, Occupational Therapist
Joan Kelley, Respiratory Care Practitioner, RRT, RCP
Jamie Kerestes, Registered Nurse
Mark King, Physician assistant
Beth Kishbaugh, RN
Katie Kolosovsky , RN, OCN
Katie Kolosovsky , RN, OCN
Katie Kolosovsky , RN
Rebecca Leeman, CNM
Chris Lindquist, CRNA
Lori Livingston , RN – Infection Preventionist
Frances Lopez-Bushnell, APRN
James Lowery, respiratory therapy
Brigette Lucero, Registered Nurse
Christina Lucero, DNP
Stephanie Lucero, MD
Bruce Mann, MD FACP, Medical Doctor
William Mansfield, Cardiology
Leticia Martinez , C-FNP RN BSN
Ann Marie McCarthy, PhD, CNP
Shawn Mcgee, NP
Karen Medley, BSN, RN
Maria Merritt, RN BSN PCCN
Terry Mize, PA-C, MMSc
Pamela Montoya, RN
Theresa Montoya, Dental Hygienist
Christine Montoya , RN
Tim Moore, MD- Chief of Medical Staff at HCMC
Susan Muraida, MD
Elisabeth Obenauf, MD
Martha Ordorica, RN
Tara Orr, CRNA
Margarita Ortega y Gomez, MOT, OTR/L
Brenda Ortiz-Garcia, RN
Kristen Ostrem-Niemcewicz, DNP, FNP-BC, CNM
Loretta Oyeyemi, RN, BSN
patricia pade, MD
Kelly Palmer , MSN, CRNA
Toni Pearce , AGACNP-BC
Snow Petersen, MD, MPH, General Surgery
Lisa P Pinto, BSN, RN
Matthew Probst, PA-C
Robert Rhyne, Family Medicine
Sidonie Richardson, BSN/RN
Eric Riebsomer, RN
Lisa Robles , Internal Medicine
Sierra Roha, BSN, RN, CCRN, Registered Nurse
Sierra Roha, BSN, RN, CCRN, Registered Nurse
Joslynn Romero, Registered Nurse
Crystal Romero, RT, RDMS, RDCS
Linda Romero, MD
Eric Romero , RN
Van Roper Roper, PhD, RN, FNP-C, Associate Professor, Nurse Practitioner
Robin Ross, Podiatry
Robin Ross, Podiatry
Denise Sanfilippo, Nurse Practitioner
Isaac Saucedo , Physician Assistant
Tiffany Scoughton, Registered Nurse
Beatrice Sena, Caregiver
Michael Shannon, Registered Nurse
Darlene Shelton, RN
Michelle Shirley, Registered NUrse
Richardson Sidonie, BSN/RN
Brittney Silversmith, BSN RN
Janet Simon, Podiatric Medicine
Laura Simpson, RN, BSN
Donna Slaten, RN
Clayton Smith, Family Medicine
David Sosa, Internal Medicine/Cardiology
Frank Spinosa, Podiatry
Marijean Stephenson, RN
Nicole Stromberg, Physician Assistant
Eva Suniga, CRNA
Shahrzad Tabibi, MD, FACOG
Mona Talebreza, RN, BSN
Yvonne Thomas , RN
Liliana Tissera, RN
Ray Tracey, Registered Nurse
Sophia Tracey-Gay, MSN. RN
Michelle Trujillo, FNP-BC, PMHNP-BC
Lucianna Trujillo, MD
John Tucker, Family medicine
LisaMarie Turk, Registered Nurse
Teresa Vigil, MD
Angelina Villas-Adams, Physician
Angelina Villas-Adams, MD, Physician
Deborah Walker, Registered Nurse
Emily Weeks, Physician Assistant
Sarah Weeks, RN, BSN
J William Wellborn, M.D.
Carla Wilhite, Occupational Therapist
Steven Wrege, DPM, Podiatrist
Joseph Yaroch, MD
lucinda Yates, Registered Nurse
Nicole Yonke, MD, MPH
Valerie Young, Pediatrics

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