Why Should I get Tested?

To protect the one’s that you love.

Find a testing location near you.

After getting tested, it’s the next step to stopping COVID-19 in our state.

Get Tested

COVID-19 testing is fast, free and for everyone!

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After getting tested, it’s the next step to stopping COVID-19 in our state.

everyone should get tested for covid-19.

Low Risk

Abundance of caution is working. Thanks for playing it smart.

  • Opening the Mail
  • Pumping Gasoline
  • Getting Restaurant Takeout
  • Playing Tennis
  • Going Camping

Moderate-low Risk

Better safe than sorry, stay cautious to stay safe.

  • Grocery Shopping
  • Going for a walk, run, or bike ride with others
  • Playing Golf
  • Staying at a hotel for two nights
  • Sitting in a doctor’s waiting room
  • Going to a library or museum
  • Eating in a restaurant (outside)
  • Walking in a busy downtown
  • Spending an hour at a playground

Moderate Risk

You are putting vulnerable people at risk, and yourself. Please be strict with social distancing and germ-free hands.

  • Having dinner at someone else’s house
  • Attending a backyard barbecue
  • Going to a beach
  • Shopping at a mall
  • Sending kids to school, camp, or day care
  • Working a week in an office building
  • Swimming in a public pool
  • Visiting an elderly relative or friend in their home

Moderate-High Risk

Social distancing is ignored in these settings. Everyone is at-risk for spreading COVID-19. Tragically, weddings and funerals can lead to funerals.

  • Going to a hair salon or barbershop
  • Eating in a restaurant (inside)
  • Attending a wedding or funeral
  • Traveling by plane
  • Playing basketball
  • Playing football
  • Hugging or shaking hands when greeting a friend

High Risk

You are full on in the danger zone. Surrounded by others who aren’t protecting themselves or you. You’re spending your time in the deep-end of the highest risk group.

  • Eating at a buffet
  • Working out at a gym
  • Going to an amusement park
  • Going to a movie theater
  • Attending a large music concert
  • Going to a sports stadium
  • Attending a religious service with +500 worshipers
  • Going to a bar

COVID-19 Testing in New Mexico:

Quick Facts

Testing is Available for Everyone

The New Mexico Department of Health encourages all individuals with or without symptoms to be tested for COVID-19.

Testing is Free

All testing is free. Keep in mind that no healthcare providers may charge or bill you for copays or other costs for a COVID-19 test in our state.

Testing is Fast

Getting tested is quick and easy. Sometimes you stay in your car. Other sites will screen you before you come indoors. Testing sites are designed to keep you and it’s health care workers safe.